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How Much Can I Sell Canoe Cola for?

Within Vancouver, we're seeing the average market price for a premium soft drink at a food service establishment range from $4-$5. Starting at $4 for a quick-service restaurant to $5 at a sit-down restaurant. At a retail outlet we're seeing an average retail price of $3-$4.



Shelf Life

We are currently conducting shelf life studies, so we expect to be able to confirm a longer shelf life over the coming months. Our lemonade has a 4 month shelf life, and our cola is fine for 6 months. 


As the drinks are handmade and do not use weighing agents nor artificial preservatives, the drinks may have a layer form after settling for a day. They just need a gentle shake before serving.  Store in dry storage away from direct sunlight.  

Wholesale Pricing

Please get in touch for pricing:

How to purchase

Let us know and we'll forward wholesale login details and the purchase can be completed easily online, or you can contact us and we'll take your order.